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Dried Gliricidia Sepium Leaves ,Organic Fertilizer Compost Natural Nitrogen

1kg+ Dried Gliricidia Sepium Leaves , Organic Compost Natural Manure For Plants | Ceylon Organic

€4,95 EUR – €28,95 EUR
Premium Dried Gliricidia Sepium Leaves - Natural Herbal Wonder Harness the Power of Nature with Gliricidia Sepium Leaves Our 100% organic dried Gliricidia Sepium leaves offer a wealth of natural...
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Burned Rice Husk Ash | 100% Organic Compost Fertilizer & Hydroponic Substrate Orchids/Anthurium and other Plants | Ceylon Organic

€4,95 EUR – €178,95 EUR
Ceylon Organic's Burned Rice Husk: A Sustainable Soil Amendment from Sri Lanka   Give your plants a natural boost with Ceylon Organic's Burned Rice Husk, sourced directly from Sri Lanka!...