Dry Fruits & Vegetables

Our collection of dry fruits and vegetables is a healthy and delicious way to get your daily dose of essential nutrients. Our products are sourced from the best farms around the world and are carefully dehydrated and packaged to preserve their freshness and flavor.
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Close-up of a wrinkled, green Indian Gooseberry (amla) fruit.

1kg+ Dried Amla, Indian Gooseberry 100% organic | Ceylon Organic

$7.00 NZD – $96.00 NZD
Embrace the Power of Nature: Dehydrated Amla (Indian Gooseberry) for Culinary and Wellness Exploration   Embrace the revitalizing potential of dehydrated Amla, also known as the Indian Gooseberry, sourced directly...
Dehydrated Lasia Roots - Natural Supplement for Immune Support and Digestion

Dehydrated Lasia Roots - Natural Supplement for Immune Support and Digestion | Ceylon Organic

$7.00 NZD – $460.00 NZD
Try Dehydrated Lasia Roots for a natural, delicious, and nutritious snack! Our 100% natural roots are dried and ready to eat - simply add water to rehydrate! With no added...
Dehydrated organic brinjal slices, a delicious and healthy alternative to chips.

3kg+ Dehydrated organic Brinjal Slices pure natural homemade best | Ceylon organic

$7.00 NZD – $443.00 NZD
Unveiling the Versatile Delight: Dehydrated Organic Brinjal Slices (Sri Lanka)   Embrace the culinary versatility and natural goodness of our premium, dehydrated organic brinjal slices, also known as eggplant, sourced...
Bitter gourd slices, a popular vegetable in Asian cuisine,Close-up photo of bitter gourd slices, showing their ribbed texture and green color.

Dried Bitter Gourd slices Organic Melon/Momordica charantia pure natural ceylon Dried Vegetables | Ceylon Organic

$21.00 NZD – $853.00 NZD
Unleash Sri Lanka's Superfood: Ceylon Organic Dehydrated Bitter Gourd Slices   Experience the unique taste and potential health benefits of Sri Lanka's superfood with Ceylon Organic Dehydrated Bitter Gourd Slices!...