Dried Seeds

Dried seeds collection is a collection of different types of nuts, seeds, and other dry substances used for culinary and medicinal purposes. It contains about 104 different types of nuts and seeds.
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Castor seeds, a versatile and sustainable resource

500+ Castor seeds, Castor beans, Castor plant seeds | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥6,200 JPY
Cultivate Beauty with Organic Castor Seeds: Nature's Versatile Powerhouse   Unlock the potential for lush hair growth, radiant skin, and a touch of DIY creativity with our premium, organic Castor...
Soursop Seeds (Annona Muricata),Organic soursop seeds,Soursop Fruit Seeds,Tropical Fruit Seeds,Soursop Seeds,Sirsak Seeds,Fresh Soursop Seeds

100+ Soursop seeds, Custard Apple Seeds, Annona Muricata, Guanabana Seeds for planting | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥11,800 JPY
Explore the Potential:  Soursop Seeds for Culinary and Wellness Exploration Embrace the intriguing world of Soursop seeds, sourced directly from the fertile plains of Sri Lanka. These unique seeds offer...
500+ Butterfly pea Seeds,Nil katarolu Seeds,Asian pigeonwings  | Ceylon Organic

500+ Butterfly pea Seeds,Nil katarolu Seeds,Asian pigeonwings | Ceylon Organic

¥500 JPY – ¥6,600 JPY
Unveiling the Vibrant Magic: Dehydrated Organic Butterfly Pea Seeds (Clitoria ternatea)   Embrace the captivating beauty and multifaceted potential of our premium, dehydrated organic Butterfly Pea seeds, sourced directly from...
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Premium Cacao Seeds for Crafting, Gardening, and Gourmet Recipes | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥6,200 JPY
Craft the Chocolate of Your Dreams: Ceylon Organic Raw Cacao Seeds   Embrace the rich potential of Ceylon Organic Raw Cacao Seeds! These sun-dried, ethically sourced beans are the foundation...
Lucky Seeds,Abrus Precatorius Seeds,Seeds for Good Luck,Traditional Lucky Charms,Vibrant Red Seeds for Crafts,Keep Lucky Seeds Away from Children & Pets,Craft Supplies,Regulations on Red Seed Sales

300+ Lucky seeds, Prayer Beads, Rosary Beads | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥4,600 JPY
Unveiling the Symbol of Love:  Lucky Seeds (Sri Lanka)   Embrace the vibrant beauty and cultural significance of our premium, dehydrated organic Red Lucky Seeds, also known as Adenanthera pavonina...
Red Lucky Seeds,Abrus Precatorius Seeds,Decorative Red Seeds,Red Seeds for Prosperity,Rosary Pea Seeds,Crab's Eye Seeds,

200+ Red Lucky Seeds, Coral Bean, Jewelry Making Beans | Ceylon Organic

¥500 JPY – ¥3,000 JPY
Unleash the Vibrant Beauty of Red Lucky Seeds from Ceylon Organic!   More than just a pretty face, Red Lucky Seeds offer a captivating combination of ornamental appeal and potential...
Close-up of green coffee seeds, ready for roasting,Freshly roasted coffee beans, ready for brewing

100+ Coffee seeds, Coffee fruit, coffee beans | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥3,000 JPY
Ceylon Organic Dehydrated Coffee Seeds: Unleash the Coffee Experience Embark on a sensory adventure with Ceylon Organic's premium dehydrated coffee seeds. Sourced from the sun-drenched hills of Sri Lanka, these...
Fennel seeds can be used to make tea, which can help to soothe a cough or cold.

500g+ Fennel Seeds, sweet cumin, large cumin, Best quality ceylon spices | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥7,100 JPY
Sri Lanka's Ancient Digestive Ally: Ceylon Organic Fennel Seeds     Embrace digestive harmony and a touch of Sri Lankan tradition with Ceylon Organic Fennel Seeds! These aromatic seeds, cultivated...
garlic spice,Garlic seeds for vegetable garden,Garlic seeds for herb gardens,Garlic seed treatments,Garlic seed varieties for kitchens,Garlic seeds for herbal remedies,Ceylon Organic Garlic: Whole Spice,Garlic Cloves for Cooking,Whole Garlic Cloves: Versatile Spice.

Garlic Seeds Garlic Hard Neck Heirloom Organic Bulb Seed Home Garden | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥29,900 JPY
Cultivate Powerful Flavor with Ceylon Organic Garlic Seeds!   Not quite seeds, but bursting with potential! Ceylon Organic Garlic Seeds are actually cloves, the planting part of the garlic bulb,...
Organic coriander seeds,Whole coriander seeds,Coriander seeds spice,whole coriander seeds in the cup,Heirloom coriander seeds,Coriander seeds bulk,Non-GMO coriander seeds,Coriander seeds for digestion.

1kg+ Coriander Seeds, Cilantro, Chinese parsley, dhania, Best Quality Spices | Ceylon Organic

¥700 JPY – ¥6,600 JPY
Unlock Culinary Delights: Dehydrated Coriander Seeds for Aromatic Explorations Embrace the vibrant aroma and versatility of our premium coriander seeds, sourced directly from the sun-drenched landscapes of Sri Lanka. These...
Organic okra seeds,Okra seeds for planting,Okra seeds bulk,Hybrid okra seeds,Okra seeds packet,Non-GMO okra seeds,Okra seeds for home garden.

200+ Organic Okra Seeds (Abelmoschus esculentus) - Grow Your Own Okra Plants | Ceylon Organic

¥500 JPY – ¥2,400 JPY
Premium Okra Seeds - Cultivate Health and Flavor Grow Your Own Nutritious Okra with Our High-Quality Seeds Our 100% organic okra seeds are perfect for gardeners and health enthusiasts looking...
Asparagus bean seeds,yardlong-bean-seeds,NON-GMO seeds,Long bean seeds for planting,Yardlong bean vegetable seeds,Drought-resistant yardlong bean seeds,Yardlong bean seeds bulk,organic yardlong bean seeds in th bawl,Yardlong bean seeds wholesale.

100+ Yardlong bean seeds, pea bean seeds, long-podded cowpea seeds | Ceylon Organic

¥800 JPY – ¥2,600 JPY
Cultivate Culinary Delights:  Yardlong Bean Seeds for Planting and Exploration Embrace the versatility and potential of our premium Yardlong bean seeds, sourced directly from the fertile plains of Sri Lanka. These...