At Ceylon herbs, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality herbal products. Our team of experts sources our herbs from Sri Lanka and ensures that each herb is carefully selected for its natural healing properties. Discover the true power of herbs with us

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2kg+ Dried Hibiscus Flowers - The Perfect Ingredient for Teas, Smoothies, and Cocktails | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 2 198 SEK
Unveiling the Vibrant Essence: Dehydrated Organic Hibiscus Flowers   Embrace the striking beauty and delightful tartness of our premium, dehydrated organic hibiscus flowers, sourced directly from Sri Lanka. Renowned for...
Pandan Leaves,Dried Pandan Leafs,Dried Pandanus Leaves,organic pandan leaves

2kg+ Pandan Leaves,Dried Pandan Leafs,Dried Pandanus Leaves | Ceylon Organic

55 SEK – 1 923 SEK
Unleash the Allure of Southeast Asia: Dehydrated Organic Pandan Leaves   Embark on a flavor adventure with our premium, organic dehydrated pandan leaves. Sourced directly from tropical regions, these vibrant...
Organic Ashwagandha Root cut bag,Ashwagandha for Energy & Stamina,Ashwagandha root for stress relief,Ashwagandha root for immune support,Ashwagandha in Ayurvedic Supplements,Ashwagandha root tea,Ashwagandha root for hormonal balance,Ashwagandha root for weight loss,Ashwagandha root organic non-GMO,Ashwagandha root antioxidant,Ashwagandha root for inflammation.

1kg+ Ashwagandha Root Cut ,Withania Somnifera Radix | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 989 SEK
Premium Ashwagandha Roots Enhance your well-being with Ceylon Organic's premium Ashwagandha Root Cuts, a natural source of adaptogenic goodness. Traditionally revered for its holistic properties, Ashwagandha Root has been used...
Curry Leaves,Murraya Koenigii Leaves,Curry Leaves: Aromatic & Flavorful,Dried Curry Leaves: Whole or Crushed,Curry Leaf Curry,Organic Curry Leaves Bunch for Cooking,Curry Leaf Plant with Healthy Green Leaves,Healthy Curry Leaves Growing on a Branch,spices,organic curry leaves,NON GMO.

3kg+ Dried Curry Leaves - Organic, Freshly Harvested, Authentic Ceylon Spices | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 3 077 SEK
Unveiling the Aromatic Essence: Dehydrated Organic Curry Leaves   Embrace the warm, earthy fragrance and unique flavor of our premium, dehydrated organic curry leaves, sourced directly from Sri Lanka. Renowned...
Lemongrass Tea Leaves , Cut Lemon Grass tea Herb Organic pure natural,sun dreid lemongrass leaves , organic lemongrass leaf

200g+ Dried Lemongrass 100% Organic | Ceylon organic

44 SEK – 330 SEK
Unveiling the Citrusy Essence: Dehydrated Organic Lemongrass   Embrace the vibrant aroma and invigorating flavor of our premium, dehydrated organic lemongrass, sourced directly from Sri Lanka. Renowned for its versatility...