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20kg Dried Blue Lotus Flowers (Nymphaea Caerulea) - Premium Quality, Organic, for Tea, Bath, Incense, and More | Ceylon Organic

20kg Dried Blue Lotus Flowers (Nymphaea Caerulea) - Premium Quality, Organic, for Tea, Bath, Incense, and More | Ceylon Organic

1 428 SEK – 17 898 SEK
Blue Lotus Flowers - Dream Tea, Chakra Tea, Spiritual Tea   Discover the spiritual enlightenment and health benefits of our Blue Lotus Flowers, also known as Dream Tea, Chakra Tea,...
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500+ Guava Leaves, Dried Guava Leaves | Ceylon organic

33 SEK – 538 SEK
Unleash the Wellness Potential of Guava Leaves: Organically Dried for Purity   Embrace the natural goodness of our premium, organically dried guava leaves. Sourced directly from the guava tree, these...
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500+ Mango Leaves,Dried Mango Leaves, 100% Organic Dried Mango Leaves | Ceylon organic

44 SEK – 549 SEK
Unlock a World of Flavor and Tradition with Dehydrated Organic Mango Leaves   Embrace the unique essence of Asia with our premium, dehydrated organic mango leaves. Sourced directly from the...
Close-up of dried hibiscus leaves, with their vibrant green color and unique texture,Hibiscus Leaves Recipe,Medicinal Hibiscus Leaves,Hibiscus Leaves Vitamin C,Hibiscus Leaves Herbal Medicine,Hibiscus Leaves Dietary Supplement

500+ Dried Hibiscus Leaves - Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea, Natural Antioxidant Boost | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 505 SEK
Embrace the Vibrancy of Hibiscus Leaves: Dehydrated for Your Culinary and Wellness Journey   Unleash a burst of color and flavor with our premium, organic dehydrated hibiscus leaves. Sourced directly...
Bael Flowers are greenish white in color and sweet scented. Bael Fruits are large, woody, greyish yellow, 8-15 celled and have sweet gummy orange colored pulp. Bael Seeds are compressed, oblong and numerous found in aromatic pulp.

2kg+ Bael flowers, Dried Bael Flowers, Aegle marmelos, Herbal Drink | Ceylon Organic

33 SEK – 1 647 SEK
Embrace Tradition with Dehydrated Organic Bael Flowers: A Touch of Ayurveda   Unveil the treasures of Ayurveda with our premium, organic dehydrated Bael flowers. Sourced directly from the Aegle marmelos...
Natural and fragrant whole cloves for seasoning

1kg+cloves Sun Dried Organic herbs High quality hand picked | Ceylon Organic

77 SEK – 1 867 SEK
Elevate Your Senses: Dehydrated Cloves for Culinary and Wellness Exploration   Embrace the warmth and intensity of our premium dehydrated cloves, sourced directly from the fertile plains of Sri Lanka....
Curry Leaves,Murraya Koenigii Leaves,Curry Leaves: Aromatic & Flavorful,Dried Curry Leaves: Whole or Crushed,Curry Leaf Curry,Organic Curry Leaves Bunch for Cooking,Curry Leaf Plant with Healthy Green Leaves,Healthy Curry Leaves Growing on a Branch,spices,organic curry leaves,NON GMO.

3kg+ Dried Curry Leaves - Organic, Freshly Harvested, Authentic Ceylon Spices | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 3 075 SEK
Unveiling the Aromatic Essence: Dehydrated Organic Curry Leaves   Embrace the warm, earthy fragrance and unique flavor of our premium, dehydrated organic curry leaves, sourced directly from Sri Lanka. Renowned...
Dried lime leaves used to add a citrusy flavor to soups, curries, and stews.

500+ Lime Leaves, Dried Lime Leaves, 100% Organic Lime leaves | Ceylon Organic

33 SEK – 319 SEK
Unveiling the Aromatic Essence: Dehydrated Organic Lime Leaves (Sri Lanka)   Embrace the vibrant citrus aroma and culinary magic of our premium, dehydrated organic lime leaves, sourced directly from Sri...
Bael Leaves, Dried Bel Leaves, OBael leaves herbal remedy,Bael leaves for skin health,Bael leaf juice,Bael Leaf Tea: Soothing & Aromatic,Support Wellness with Bael Leaves.

500+ Bael Leaves, Dried Bel Leaves, Dried Bael Leaves, Bilva Leaves | ceylon organic

33 SEK – 989 SEK
Unveiling the Sacred Essence: Dehydrated Organic Bael Leaves (Sri Lanka)   Embrace the rich heritage and potential benefits of our premium, dehydrated organic bael leaves, also known as Aegle marmelos...