Experience the delicious flavors of Ceylon spices. Our collection of high-quality, authentic spices from Sri Lanka brings you the best in taste and quality. Shop our selection of pure, natural spices for your favorite dishes today!

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Natural and fragrant whole cloves for seasoning

1kg+cloves Sun Dried Organic herbs High quality hand picked | Ceylon Organic

77 SEK – 1 865 SEK
Elevate Your Senses: Dehydrated Cloves for Culinary and Wellness Exploration   Embrace the warmth and intensity of our premium dehydrated cloves, sourced directly from the fertile plains of Sri Lanka....
2kg+ Dried Red Chilli Pods - The Perfect Ingredient for Curries, Salsas, and Stir-Fries  | Ceylon  Organic

2kg+ Dried Red Chilli Pods - The Perfect Ingredient for Curries, Salsas, and Stir-Fries | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 878 SEK
Unveiling the Fiery Heat: Dehydrated Organic Red Chili Peppers (Sri Lanka)   Embrace the intense heat and vibrant flavor of our premium, dehydrated organic red chili peppers, sourced directly from...
Fennel seeds can be used to make tea, which can help to soothe a cough or cold.

500g+ Fennel Seeds, sweet cumin, large cumin, Best quality ceylon spices | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 494 SEK
Sri Lanka's Ancient Digestive Ally: Ceylon Organic Fennel Seeds     Embrace digestive harmony and a touch of Sri Lankan tradition with Ceylon Organic Fennel Seeds! These aromatic seeds, cultivated...
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Garlic Seeds Garlic Hard Neck Heirloom Organic Bulb Seed Home Garden | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 2 084 SEK
Cultivate Powerful Flavor with Ceylon Organic Garlic Seeds!   Not quite seeds, but bursting with potential! Ceylon Organic Garlic Seeds are actually cloves, the planting part of the garlic bulb,...
 Black Pepper Whole Peppercorns Organic Natural Pure Ceylon & Best Quality spices,Black Pepper whole Peppercorns sri lanka Ceylon spices organic Natural pure

500g+ Black Pepper Whole Peppercorns Organic Natural Pure Ceylon & Best Quality spices | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 549 SEK
Unveiling the King: Whole Black Peppercorns (Piper nigrum)   Embrace the essence of flavor and history with our premium whole black peppercorns, sourced directly from the Piper nigrum vine. Renowned...
cuo of  Premium turmeric powder,Aromatic turmeric,Home cooks, elevate your dishes with vibrant turmeric powder.

1kg+ Turmeric Powder, Curcuma longa powder, Best Quality Ceylon Spices | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 549 SEK
Unleash the Golden Wonder: Dehydrated Turmeric Powder for Vibrant Culinary Adventures   Embrace the vibrant color and warm aroma of our premium dehydrated turmeric powder, sourced directly from the sun-drenched...
Ground Ginger Spice,Aromatic Ginger Powder,Organic Ginger Spice Powder on a Kitchen Counter,Spicy Ginger Powder in a Decorative Bowl

2kg+ Ceylon Ginger Powder - Premium, Fresh & Aromatic | Ceylon Organic

99 SEK – 2 961 SEK
Unleash the Power of Ginger: Ceylon Organic Ginger Powder Elevate your culinary creations and explore potential health benefits with Ceylon Organic Ginger Powder! This aromatic powder, meticulously crafted from premium...
Close-up of Aromatic Cinnamon Powder,organic cinnamon sticks powder,High-Quality Cinnamon Powder in Cup,

5kg+ Premium Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - Organic, Fresh & Aromatic | Ceylon Organic

44 SEK – 3 400 SEK
Unleash the Warmth & Aroma: Ceylon Organic Cinnamon (Sticks & Powder)   Embrace the versatility of Ceylon Organic Cinnamon! Sourced from Sri Lanka's finest cinnamon groves, this aromatic spice comes...