Dried Leaves

Source dried leaves and plant proteins to make your own nutritious foods and remedies. Find recipes and learn how to use them.
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our own bag  packed with quality soursop leaves

500+ Soursop Leaves, Dried Soursop Leaves Organic, Guanabana, Graviola, Annona Muricata | Ceylon Organic

$3.99 USD – $61.99 USD
CEYLON DRIED SOURSOP LEAVES Enhance your tea experience with organic soursop leaves. Soursop leaves are widely known for their intense flavor and subtle aroma, providing a unique and delicious taste....
Cacao leaves, Dried 100% organic Cacao Leafs, ceylon Chocolate Leaves.

200+ Cacao leaves, Dry Cacao Leafs, Dried Cacao Leaves,Chocolate Theobroma Cocoa

$1.99 USD – $39.99 USD
Our Cacao leaves collection encompasses premium Dry Cacao Leafs sourced directly from Theobroma Cocoa plants. Ideal for enriching recipes with a chocolate flavor, these Dried Cacao Leaves are an ideal...
Organic Guava leaves fresh dried Hojas de Guayaba Guayabo Psidium Guajava,sun dried guava leaves

500+ Guava Leaves, Dried Guava Leaves | Ceylon organic

$2.99 USD – $48.99 USD
This product dried guava leaves. Guava leaves are known for their high polyphenol content, which provides antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that guava leaves can help protect against free radical...
2kg+ Neem Leafs, Neem Leaves, Dried Neem Leaf, Dried Neem Leaves | Ceylon Organic

2kg+ Neem Leafs, Neem Leaves, Dried Neem Leaf, Dried Neem Leaves | Ceylon Organic

$1.99 USD – $149.99 USD
Try Ceylon Organic's Neem Leafs for a natural way to take care of your skin and hair. Neem leaves are known to help soothe itches and prevent skin irritation. Also,...
500+ Organic Dried Avocado Leaves | Herbal Tea | Ceylon Organic

500+ Organic Dried Avocado Leaves | Herbal Tea | Ceylon Organic

$2.99 USD – $27.99 USD
Introducing  Organic Dried Avocado Leaves – your perfect herbal tea! Our Avocado Leaves are carefully harvested and dried to preserve their rich antioxidants that have beneficial properties for your body...
Dried Cinnamon Leaves Ceylon Top Quality Herbal & spices healthy whole leaf vega

500+ Organic Cinnamon Leaves,Dried Cinnamon Leaves | ceylon organic

$2.99 USD – $34.99 USD
Experience the unique flavour of 500+ organic cinnamon leaves. Our dried cinnamon leaves are perfect for adding a touch of zest to many of your favourite dishes. Enjoy the rich...
Dried Gliricidia Sepium Leaves ,Organic Fertilizer Compost Natural Nitrogen

1kg+ Dried Gliricidia Sepium Leaves , Organic Compost Natural Manure For Plants

$3.99 USD – $29.99 USD
This pack of 1000+ dried Gliricidia Sepium Leaves is a great choice for organic compost and natural manure for plants. As an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other...
Dried lime leaves used to add a citrusy flavor to soups, curries, and stews.

500+ Lime Leaves, Dried Lime Leaves, 100% Organic Lime leaves

$2.99 USD – $28.99 USD
These dried lime leaves are 100% organic and perfect for adding a zesty flavor to soups, stews, curries, and other dishes. Enjoy the unmistakable citrusy aroma of these  dried lime...
Bael Leaves, Dried Bel Leaves, Dried Bael Leaves, Bilva Leaves

500+ Bael Leaves, Dried Bel Leaves, Dried Bael Leaves, Bilva Leaves | ceylon organic

$2.99 USD – $89.99 USD
These dried Bael leaves are nature's gift to health-conscious individuals. High in anti-oxidants, these 500+ leaves promote enhanced immunity and digestion. The natural taste and aroma are ideal for making...
Dried Jack Fruit Leave Shrimp Betta Fish Aquarium  Best Organic pure Fresh,sun dried jackfruit leaves

500+ Jackfruit Leaves,Organic Dried Jack fruit Leaves Kataha Bio Film Aquarium Fish/ShrimpTanks

$2.99 USD – $39.99 USD
Create the perfect environment for your aquarium fish or shrimp with these 500+ organic dried Jackfruit Leaves. They add natural tannins to the water which helps reduce pH levels and...
Close-up of green banana leaves,Banana leaves used as a food wrapper,Banana leaves used as a decorative element,Banana leaves used as a roofing material.

100+ Dried Banana Leaves, Pet Supplies Aquariums,Natural water cleaner

$2.99 USD – $11.99 USD
Enjoy the natural beauty and benefits of  Dried Banana Leaves. These leaves are perfect for pet supplies aquariums and act as a natural water cleaner, removing impurities without chemicals. Great...
Organic Dried Passion Fruit leaf ,passion leaves tea,

500+ Passion Fruit,Dried Passion Fruit Leaves,Dried Natural Passion Fruit Leaves | Ceylon organic

$3.99 USD – $51.99 USD
This is a great way to explore the flavor and fragrance of Passion Fruit. Our  passion fruit leaves are naturally dried and rich in flavor. The leaves are a perfect...