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Cattapa Leaves, Tropical Almond Leaves,100% Organic,Cattappa Almad Leaves (Dried & Original)for Fish Aquarium.

100+ Cattapa Leaves, Tropical Almond Leaves,100% Organic | Ceylon Organic

$0.99 USD – $17.99 USD
These Cattapa Leaves are made from 100% organic tropical almond leaves and are perfect for providing natural nutrients to your aquatic environment. Cattapa Leaves are a great way to buffer...
Close-up of green coffee seeds, ready for roasting,Freshly roasted coffee beans, ready for brewing

100+ Coffee seeds,Coffee fruit,coffee beans | Ceylon orgnic

$1.99 USD – $18.99 USD
This Coffee seeds pack is perfect for growing your own coffee plant. The seeds are certified organic and provide a reliable source of coffee fruit for a rich, flavorful cup...
Close-up of green banana leaves,Banana leaves used as a food wrapper,Banana leaves used as a decorative element,Banana leaves used as a roofing material.

100+ Dried Banana Leaves, Pet Supplies Aquariums,Natural water cleaner

$2.99 USD – $11.99 USD
Enjoy the natural beauty and benefits ofΒ  Dried Banana Leaves. These leaves are perfect for pet supplies aquariums and act as a natural water cleaner, removing impurities without chemicals. Great...
 Jackfruit Seeds Sun Dried 100% Pure Ceylon Natural Organic

100+ Jackfruit Seeds Sun Dried 100% Pure Ceylon Natural Organic | Ceylon Organic

$10.99 USD – $89.99 USD
Source only the freshest of natural jackfruit seeds with our sun-dried option. 100% pure and organic, our product is harvested from Ceylon, ensuring maximum quality. Each pack contains 100+ seeds,...
Bitter gourd seeds in a bowl

100+ Organic Bitter Gourd Seeds (Momordica charantia) for Planting - Non-GMO, Heirloom, Open-Pollinated | Ceylon Organic

$2.99 USD – $12.99 USD
Grow your own organic bitter gourd with these 100+ organic bitter gourd seeds. The seeds are pesticide-free and easy to plant, providing you with a nutrient-rich veggie with an intense...
A steaming cup of herbal tea brewed with soursop seeds, known for its potential health-promoting properties.

100+ Soursop seeds, Custard Apple Seeds, Annona Muricata, Guanabana Seeds for planting

$3.99 USD – $12.99 USD
Grow your own Soursop tree with these 100+ high-quality seeds. This hard-shelled variety is popular among farmers and gardeners for its sweet and creamy Custard Apple fruit, making it great...
Yardlong Bean Seeds - Buy High-Quality Seeds Online,Yardlong Bean Seeds - Plant Them Now and Harvest Fresh Beans in Just a Few Weeks.

100+ Yardlong bean seeds, pea bean seeds, long-podded cowpea seeds | Ceylon Organic

$4.99 USD – $15.99 USD
These Ceylon Organic yardlong bean seeds guarantee high-yielding, flavorful crops. Grown organically, they are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy an abundance of long-podded cowpeas in their garden. Get 100+...
 Candle bush leaves, a type of evergreen shrub with glossy, green leaves and small, yellow flowers,Close-up of candle bush leaves.

1000+ Dehydrated Cassia Alata , Organic dried candle bush Leaves , King of the medicinal plant

$1.99 USD – $68.99 USD
Grow your own oasis with our 1000+ Organic Cassia Alata Leaves! Known as the "King of medicinal plants", Cassia Alata is an exquisite, low-maintenance plant that offers multiple healing benefits....
Rampe Organic Sun Dried Pandan Leaves Spice Natural Ceylon Pure Pandanus

100g Pandan Leaves,Dried Pandan Leafs,Dried Pandanus Leaves

$3.99 USD – $15.99 USD
Discover the natural aroma of our organic 100g of Pandan Leaves. These dried Pandanus Leaves are harvested in South East Asia and provide a unique flavor to your dishes. The...
xora Coccinea flowers with herbal drink

100g+ Dried Ixora Coccinea flowers Jungle Geranium Rathmal Rathambala Ayurvedic Herbal Drink

$5.99 USD – $24.99 USD
This 100g+ bag of Dried Ixora Coccinea flowers gives you access to the powerful health benefits of this ancient ayurvedic herbal remedy. Compact and easy to prepare, incorporate the flowers...
1kg+ Ashwagandha Root | Cuts  | Withania Somnifera Radix

1kg+ Ashwagandha Root | Cuts | Withania Somnifera Radix

$2.99 USD – $89.99 USD
Latin Name : Withania SomniferaOther Common names: Indian ginseng, Poison gooseberry, Winter cherryParts Used: RootAshwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa....
Natural and fragrant whole cloves for seasoning

1kg+ Cloves Sun Dried Organic herbs High quality hand picked | Ceylon Organic

$6.99 USD – $169.99 USD
Discover the taste and aroma of freshly harvested, sun-dried, organic cloves. Our 1kg+ Cloves are high-quality, hand-picked and sourced from certified organic farms, providing an intense flavor perfect for all...